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Born in a Canadian gene-factory, Fenris was built as a soldier and weapon of war. Though humanoid, his actual lineage is difficult to pinpoint. His massive form, standing nearly eight feet tall, is part-ursine, part-wolverine, part-large cat, with curving horns framing his mixed-beast face and a coat of quills running down his shoulders and back. He stands on two large legs that end in cat-like clawed feet, while his arms are more bear-like in form and end in five-fingered hands with short, strong claws.

Fenris, however, is not merely a genetic creation. He also has cybernetic augmentation, with the addition of retractable blades in his forearms and a cybernetic left eye. Though he does not admit it, it is also believed that he has at least one artificial organ, either his heart or lungs.