I found a local game store that has tables to play, so I’m hoping I can start running the Xenomega campaign soon. Maybe once a month or so, but we’ll see. I have some research to do first to get it up and running.

For the campaign, I’ll be using Ultramodern 5e: REDUX rules that took the 5th edition D&D system and made a toolbox for modern and future campaigns. I’ve got to read. Read a lot. Find rules for things that I don’t have. Adapt rules from other systems if I need to, like mutant animal rules from older editions of D&D or d20 Modern. I need to find the cybernetic rules, vehicle rules, robotics rules. I’m not even sure what else is in there. It’s a damn big book too.

I also have to get caught up on D&D5e. I have only really played it a couple of times and that was years ago when it first came out. I have to read through the whole Player’s Handbook, page through the Monster Manual, and then of course the Ultramodern book to put it all together. And somehow get it all to make sense in my head without much help from anyone except people online.

And somehow do this all in a self-imposed deadline of whenever I can think of to make it happen. Not sure when I want to get together with others to make this happen, but I’ll also have to go to the game store and set up things to play there as well. I can invite other players to join in, and I think, or hope, I have one of my old players who will joking in so I’m not completely surrounded by strangers and newbs.

So yeah. Game on.

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