Xenomega: Everyday Heroes Edition

The world ended. Somewhere, someone did something to push over that last domino and send civilization into oblivion. Chaos ensued. Weird shit started to happen all at once. What was a time of relative peace was now a tangled mess of realities, creatures, magic, technology, monsters and mayhem.

There are strange things happening. We can walk from one place to another and go from our world to another, all without leaving Earth. Walls between worlds are thinning. Time is no longer moving forward. What is and what is not is now fluid.

Animals walk on two legs, use tools and speak. Arcanists bend the laws of physics to their will. Psychics see distant lands and wield fire or water as their personal tool.

Cyborgs meld machine and man. Spikers augment their strength and speed with artificial chemicals. Synthetics and robots make humanity look frail.

And out there, hiding in the shadows, the strange ending continues.

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