Transcendence RPG

I’ve been working on my own, semi-original, take on an older science fiction roleplaying game to use as the basis for Xenomega. I wrote the entire introduction and character creation chapter, so I feel like I’ve got something done. I’m taking the rules from the TSR game Alternity and rebuilding and tweaking them. I want to have a complete book for everyone to use, just one book, with all the needed rules in it. I have a coauthor working on rewording what I’ve wrote so it comes across as more polished and professional, but I have a lot more to write. I’d like to work on that some more tonight.

Basically, the game is a d20 mechanic, roll under for success. The lower the roll, the better the result. Everything is also skill based, whether attacking, cracking a safe, or casting a spell. There are also fantasy elements to it, with some arcane skills, psionics, and priests, though not really deities. There are powerful beings out there, but where the divine magic comes from is still up to anyone’s guess.

I would love for this project to bring in a little money, but I’m in no way expecting to become rich or sustain myself and my family on this. Its still a labor of love and I intend to keep it that way.

I’ll keep posting updates as they happen, but I still want to have most of the writing done by the end of the month.

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