Moving Forward, a Table of Contents

We need some structure for Transcendence and Xenomega. Plans must be laid out, and each step tackled with diligence and one at a time. The basics are already out there, we can simply copy books that already exist and make Transcendence based on roleplaying games already published. So with that, we present the Table of Contents with some notes about specific ideas that need to be implemented and added. Some of this is taken straight from d20 Modern. But other parts are modified from Pathfinder, Starfinder, and even some obscure d20 books. With that said, this book will be huge. I’m not sure final page count, but I want it to include nearly everything needed to start a Xenomega campaign, though later books will add details to new areas, dimensions, technology and arcana.

This is also a living document and will be added to and adjusted as new ideas come to me or new source material is found to plunder. With that said, here is the layout:

  1. Introduction
  2. A Broad Intro to Xenomega
  3. Characters
    1. Ability Scores
    2. Species
    3. Base Classes: Strong, Fast, Tough, Smart, Dedicated, Charismatic
    4. Starting Occupations
    5. Vital Statistics: Action Points, Allegiances, Reputation, Wealth
    6. Gaining Experience and Leveling
    7. Multiclass Characters
  4. Skills
    1. Skill Basics
    2. Acquiring Skill Ranks
    3. Using Skills
    4. Skill Descriptions
      1. Acrobatics
      2. Athletics
      3. Bluff
      4. Computers
      5. Culture
      6. Diplomacy
      7. Disguise
      8. Engineering
      9. Intimidate
      10. Life Science
      11. Medicine
      12. Mysticism
      13. Perception
      14. Physical Science
      15. Piloting
      16. Profession
      17. Sense Motive
      18. Sleight of Hand
      19. Stealth
      20. Survival
  5. Feats
    1. Acquiring Feats
    2. Prerequisites
    3. Feat Description
      1. Combat Feats
      2. Critical Feats
      3. Item Creation Feats
  6. Equipment
    1. Currency and Wealth
    2. Ranged Weapons
    3. Explosives and Splash Weapons
    4. Melee Weapons
    5. Improvised Weapons
    6. Armor
    7. General Equipment
    8. Vehicles
    9. Cybertech
    10. Biohacks
    11. Computers
  7. Combat
  8. Advanced Classes
  9. Gamemastering
  10. Friends and Foes
  11. FX Abilities

This will grow as I continue to work on it. For now, I must read more Starfinder.

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