Its been awhile.

With issues in our RV and being stuck in Kentucky for far too long, I haven’t been working on this as much as I’d like to. Ideas come and go, things happen, life moves on. In our current situation, I can’t play games in person or online. I’m a gaming nerd at my core though and want to do something, I’m just not sure what.

I had originally intended to play miniature war games at local game stores but we don’t have a tow vehicle so I never get the chance to play anything. Most of the fellow travelers we meet are far older than us as well, so its not like I’m going to strike a game with some 70 year old guy at a campground. So what do I do instead?

I may give my minis to one of my nephews or sell them. I just don’t use them as I would like to. I never sit down to paint and assemble them, so they have a cabinet filled that could be used for better purposes. I could sell them online though, but I doubt I’d get much for them. They are partially assembled and not painted, so I could just get what I can for them and move on.

But I still need to do something. I need gaming, its my hobby and has been for most of my life. But what do I do? I’ve been trying to write a game for years, decades even, and run into roadblocks along the way. I doubt I’ll ever be finished, but maybe if I throw something together, I could at least get people reading what I write and spreading the ideas outwards.

If I knew we’d be at a place with good internet every other week on the same day, I’d play something on Problem is though, we rarely know where we will be on a given day. We also have the issue where we have two weeks at a campground, then one week out, so unless I played every three weeks, we’d never be at a place every two weeks where I could play reliably. I don’t want to add that complication to someone else’s game.

I will continue developing my game though and hopefully make something happen. I’ll keep my dice, I have a library of PDFs I can read and use for ideas, but I never get to play. That’s the hard part, I can write and develop all day long, but it doesn’t have the same impact as actual game play.

So from here, I don’t know what to do.

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