Beginning the wiki

I’ve begun adding to the Wiki. I’m planning on making this a full service stop for all the rules, with the book and Xenomega setting as actual books and PDFs for sale. I plan on the SRD wiki to have the basics, but things to be expanded upon in the physical/electronic books.

I’m going with my custom ruleset for now. I’ve been developing and working on it for years, and I like it. It takes some information from the old Alternity from the turn of the century, as well as adding some rules from newer games like Pathfinder and d20 Modern.

The basic idea is to roll under your target number, whatever that make be. All characters are built using a Species, Pathway, Skills, and Advantages/Disadvantages. Everything is a skill roll, whether building a bomb, driving a car, shooting a gun, or casting a spell. You can assign ranks to certain skills, depending on your Path, and those ranks make a higher Target Number, in conjunction with Attributes. Finally, there are no Hit Points per se, but resistances that are also based on the Attributes (Vitality, Will, Spirit).

I hope you read through as it progresses, when it is finished, I’ll be throwing together a Kickstarter to get it finalizes and printed, as well as paying for things like fonts and art.

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