Most of it done

I’ve got most of the basics up, working on Wealth and Equipment. Then I’ll have to figure out how to edit it to my needs. I want to make Supers, Psionics, and Magic different than each other, I’m just not sure how yet.

I think for Psionics, I’ll just use the Pathfinder version from Dreamscarred Press. Point buy, build powers with points, more points equals more power. Powers can be augmented and such. There will have to be a Psionic Level feat, so higher level powers can be bought with more feats, but I’m not sure on the details yet.

Magic will probably be Sorcerer based. I don’t like the idea of memorizing spells and forgetting them, so the Sorcerer class seems the best bet. I can make levels of spells and use standard Pathfinder spells without much change except to damage and making everything d20 based.

Supers I’m still working on. I like the supers found in Blood & Vigilance, and updated into Supers20, so I might modify those to fit my needs. I’m thinking that for every instance of a super feat you take, then you stack the abilities. So Blast would be +2 damage, take it a second time and it ups to +4. You could in theory have a super powerful Blast effect, but nothing else. So its minor, but its doable.


That’s the plan, make it all work. I’ll do more work on it tonight with Wealth, then I’ll step into Equipment and come back to the FX portion later.

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